Post written by Jason Heidbreder, President of LPF High Performance Coatings

At LPF High Performance Coatings we wear the pants of a “Job Shop” very well. However, every once in a while we come across an opportunity to do a project that makes us adjust those pants and challenge us to do something we’ve never done before.

As a powder coating job shop we run into different metals, coatings, quality expectations, packaging requirements, paperwork needs/certifications, and more. Over time we’ve learned that being flexible with our processes allows us to react to the changing needs/demands of our existing, and new, customers.

As one example, this February we begin work on a 4-to-6 week project, a time-frame that is uncommon in the job shop world. In order to absorb this undertaking we’ve investigated new racking needs by actually purchasing some of the stock material our customer will be using and seeing what will allow us the best throughput.

We’ve also organized with another local company to subcontract some of the prep work in case that becomes necessary due to time constraints. Finally, we are preparing a night shift to make sure we don’t increase our lead times for the rest of our valued customers during this time.

There’s no question that some projects are more challenging than others. In order to be able to land projects that may be out of the typical powder coating job shop’s reach, we have to be willing to stretch outside of our comfort zone and rise to the challenge.

Anytime a different project comes our way, the “pants” might not fit exactly how we would like, but with a little adjusting we always figure out how to wear them well. And when we pull off something new, the learning experience makes it that much easier for us to adapt and help meet the expanding needs of our customers in the future.