Post written by Jason Heidbreder, President of LPF High Performance Coatings

We are happy to announce that LPF just received its re-certification to be able to powder coat PACCAR parts. As PACCAR’s web site states, “PACCAR is a global technology leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of premium light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates.” PACCAR maintains one of the strictest quality programs that we are currently certified in.

The certification process involves multiple tests on samples ran at our facility on both Hot and Cold Rolled Steel. In order to pass, all the results must be 9’s or perfect (10). The parts are tested for powder thickness (2-3 mils tolerance). Adhesion tests are performed to see how well the powder is stuck to the substrate. The parts are then scribed; a large “X” is cut all the way through the powder coating surface and into the metal substrate.

The samples are then placed in a salt spray booth for 360 hours to accelerate corrosion of the metal along the scribe line. After the time in the cabinet, the scribe is measured to see how much corrosion occurred (this test is a measure of the quality of the pretreatment of the metal which prevents the corrosion from spreading beyond where the metal is exposed).

The harshest performance test is last. The scribed, salt sprayed panels are then subjected to an air hose blowing compressed air to try to lift away the coating along the scribe line. This is the test that separates the men from the boys as any superficial adhesion easily fails this “Creep Back” test. Only the best pretreatment methods will pass this test.

A practical example of this test would be a situation where a rock on the highway ricochets off the underside of a PACCAR tractor trailer and scratches the paint slightly. Then, over time, snow, salt, water, and other elements attack the metal along that scratch…but the scratch and surrounding area is able to resist corrosion because of the high quality finish we provide!

In addition to these lab tests, we are also required to run, test and hold out panels from every run of parts we do for PACCAR and then run the testing all over again each year .

PACCAR is the kind of account that LPF High Performance Coatings excels at and we are proud to have them as a client.