On January 1st, 2011 LPF High Performance Coatings, Kansas City, Missouri, acquired the powder coating operations of Rogers Manufacturing, Inc., (RMI) of Olathe, Kansas. “RMI was a great fit with LPF as we complement each other’s strengths,” said Jim Stuelke, CEO of LPF. “RMI was particularly attractive with its Johnson County location and its ability to run both production (volume) line work and large parts (up to 40 feet) in its three batch lines. With 45,000 square feet under roof, we have a lot of room to grow as well,” Stuelke added.

This was LPF’s third acquisition since 2009. The firm’s management has used the lull in the economy to diversify into Hydrographic Printing (such as the process of applying camouflage on firearms) through its acquisition of Dynamic Finishes, and then its entre into nano-ceramic coating technologies with its acquisition of Ultra Coatings, also of Olathe.

LPF will continue operations on both sides of the state line as it provides great flexibility to accommodate its JIT-oriented customers. “ Every day between
the two shifts at our Missouri facility, and the shift on the Kansas side, it gives us the capacity and flexibility to accommodate our client’s just-in-time needs,” noted Dana Brown; who was recently promoted to VP of Sales for the combined powder coating operations.

LPF has also expanded into bar-coding and along with that; inventory management for its clients. “Essentially, we are beginning to offer fulfillment services where our clients can ship us raw parts to be finished (painted). We then enter the parts into our system and track with our internal barcoding system so the customer can track their inventory stock with our on-line 24/7 ‘LPF Web-view’ until we have shipped the parts to their clients,” said Jason Heidbreder, who was recently promoted to President of all operations. “This service requires a great deal of working trust from our fabrication and machine shop clients as we are essentially serving as their quality department and their shipping department,” he added. LPF currently has several clients using different levels of this service.

At the Olathe facility, Steve Jordan is now the Customer Service Manager, and Mike Rogers is the Plant Manager. “As the economy continues to grow, we are positioning ourselves so that we can be patient, yet also be ready to accommodate growth opportunities with speed as they become available,” noted Rogers.

In addition to powder coatings, the combined companies offer Teflon™ coatings, and other specialty coatings. Steve Rogers, the former owner of RMI powder  coating operations, still owns RMI Golf Carts; one of the largest rental golf cart fleets in the U.S. “LPF and RMI have always referred accounts to each other when it was work we couldn’t do, and vice versa. That existing relationship and professional trust made the process of selling my operations to a competitor; a friendly and cerebral process,” stated Steve Rogers.