Joe Calhoon

Post written by Jason Heidbreder, President of LPF High Performance Coatings

We are always trying to find ways to grow on a personal level in addition to the company as a whole. To that end, we recently began the process of evaluating our strengths with Joe Calhoon.  Joe is a well-respected leader in his industry and is known for his fresh approach to improving organizational performance.

We are in the process of completing the Kolbe and Strength finder evaluations. These will help our management team understand what makes each of us tick.  This is not a process of finding weaknesses within a group; instead, it finds the strengths and ideal situations in which each of us feels we are in our “sweet spot” or in our “zone”.

For instance, removing a variable may help me with my approach to a project or situation, whereas adding a bit of something else may be what makes Dana tick.  Another person might be more comfortable with certain tools while a different person excels with others.

It’s all about understanding who we work with and how we can get the most out of ourselves without introducing unnecessary stress or hardships simply because we lacked understanding. We’ll find out what we have in common and work together develop our strengths as a group.

In addition, all of our employees (30+) will take an Organizational Health Assessment were they can anonymously answer questions about LPF High Performance Coatings.

We’re looking for the raw answers and feedback that only an anonymous assessment can provide.  How are we really doing?  Do our employees feel engaged?  Are they happy/fulfilled with their jobs?  Do they think we know what the heck we’re doing?  The accumulation of these responses will tell us where to focus so we can grow and mature the entire organization.

We’re just beginning this process and I will update this blog along the way and let you know what we discover. If you or your organization want to learn more about Joe Calhoon, you can visit his web site HERE.