Letter from the CEO

//Letter from the CEO
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With LPF High Performance Coatings, our customers can expect expertise on a wide range of coatings and customer service support. Our customers expect a comprehensive and unbiased approach when requesting coatings solutions and we offer most of them.

We have a history of bringing value to our clients. For a listing of some of those clients, see our Customer List.

Located in Kansas City, Missouri (USA), we embrace globalization as an opportunity to be a part of a world-wide supplier network. Our capabilities for applying specialty coatings have expanded to include limited assembly, inventory warehousing and management, and subsequent just-in-time direct shipments to our customer’s clients. To many of our clients, our services offer a competitive edge; as we provide them with a coating system which enables them new marketing and advertising opportunities.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges facing the coatings industry, and the World, is our environment. This includes not only the coatings themselves, but the manner and process in which they are applied. At LPF, we share this concern and responsibility. We have made it our goal to be carbon neutral by 2012. We feel this goal will not only result in its positive environmental impact, but also make us more efficient and competitive.

These are exciting times! Hopefully you find our website educational, interesting and perhaps even thought provoking. We would love to hear from you and encourage you to visit our Contact Us page, or feel free to call me direct at 800-899-5734, extension 115.

Best wishes to you, your family and company for a healthy and prosperous year!

James B. Stuelke, Jr.